About us

 Dot Compu Solution is the first online store provider in south Tamilnadu based in Thiruthangal. We had 7 years experience in the field of Hardware sales & services all over Tamilnadu. We focus the needs of our clients to provide 100% satisfaction. Once a customer Signed up in to our store he/she always be Signed in to our store because of our business excellence.

 Dot Compu Solution provide both custom and leading manufacturer desktop computers, notebooks, servers, all network appliances, all desktop and security software options, as well as all computer accessories.

 Dot Compu Solution is also involved in CCTV camera sales and services,Web design and Web development services, software design and development and Web hosting.

  Dot Compu Solution is managed by Mr. Selvakumar.He is a graduate in Computer science from the Madurai Kamraj University.He had 7 years of hands on experience in the field of Computers.

We Provide/sale various hardware devices from various business alliances: